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Russell Thrift Store gives back
News, Posted on March 4, 2019
Russell Thrift Store gives back
The Russell Thrift Store was able to donate $41,250 to multiple local organizations thanks to the generous support from their donators, buyers and workers who made these donations possible, money was donated to the following: 
Air Cadets 
Angusville Rink 
Binscarth Park & Pool 
Binscarth Curling Rink 
Binscarth Skating Rink
Christmas Family Dance 
Communities in Bloom 
Girl Guides 
Inglis Day Care 
Little Bloomers Daycare, Binscarth 
Major Pratt Band 
Marquette Music Festival 
Parkland Community Linc
Silverton Community Centre 
Prairie Arts 
Russell Flying Club 
Expanding Community Cancer Care 
Russell Library 
Russell Lots-A-Tots 
Russell PCH ADP 
Russell Regional 
Russell Swimming Pool
Vagabond Theatre 
Way Way Hockey Arena 
Way Way Rec Hockey & Round Dance 
Vet Clinic