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Gun Range is now open for business
News, Posted on December 3, 2019


Breaking ground for a new business opportunity is exciting for the owners but for the community as well. The Shooting Range located between Russell and Binscarth broke ground in the early summer of 2018 with the help of CJG Construction and a D6 Cat Bulldozer.

The Russell Game and Fish Association (RGAF) committee members had the thought of building a shooting range in our area for the last five years and the RGAF had to first find land that was suitable and safe to build on.

“We looked for gravel pits first because they were already dug out and would have berms we could shoot into. We didn’t find any available until a landowner with similar interests offered us a few acres of his crop land were we able to start the next phase” stated Chris Mansell, member of the RGAF.

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