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MJHL welcoming new Commissioner
Sports, Posted on February 3, 2020

By Derek Holtom

When I rolled into Dauphin in late 1994 to begin my journalism career, I remember one of the editors at the Saskatoon Star Phoenix – where I previously worked as a gopher – telling me what a great hockey town I was going to, and how much fun I’d have covering that league.

(My first game, as I’ve often noted, saw the Dauphin Kings get creamed in Neepawa against the Natives in a game which included a bench-clearing brawl and the RCMP getting involved. So that editor was right on the nose).

It was soon after that I first met Frank McKinnon, the previous commissioner for the MJHL. McKinnon began the transformation of the MJHL by overseeing expansion into places such as OCN, Swan Valley and Waywayseecappo. But it would be up to someone else to take the MJHL to the next level.

That job fell on the shoulders of Kim Davis, who took over as commissioner for McKinnon in 2002-03. Eighteen years later, it’s Davis’ turn to step aside. He’ll wrap up his duties this June, handing the baton (or puck, if you will) to current Director of Operations, Kevin Saurette, the commissioner heir apparent.


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