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Keyk.co - an edible art at its finest
News, Posted on July 20, 2021

By Terrie Welwood

Call it God given. Call it fate. Whatever you choose, Jerry Pestano’s story and the birth of Keyk.co shows how, sometimes, with a lot of hard work, the pieces of the puzzle just seem to fall into place and turn into exactly how life is supposed to be. 

Over the last few years, Jerry’s edible art has gained an appreciative audience in Russell and the surrounding area. The clients who order customized cakes from Keyk.co are absolutely wowed by the exquisite detail he puts into his fondant creations.

“When clients come to pick up their cakes,” Jerry said, “quite a few of them are surprised by the details and say that they don’t even want to cut into it,” Jerry said with a laugh.

 You can read more about Keyk.co in the July 20th edition of The Russell Banner!